The Miss Black U.S.A. Pageant and Scholarship Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit corporation, recognized under the 501(c)3 code of the Internal Revenue Service.

The Miss Black Oregon USA Scholarship Pageant is the official preliminary to the national Miss Black USA Scholarship Pageant.

Delegates compete in five categories: personal interview, health & fitness, talent, evening gown, and a question/answer segment.

The Miss Black U.S.A. Pageant celebrates scholastic achievement and believes that education is the key to lifelong success and empowerment. We promote education and leadership by awarding scholarships and opportunities to outstanding young women of color and we strive to develop the "whole woman"; mind, body and spirit.

The Miss Black USA Pageant is a community driven organization and is committed to addressing health and education in the African American community
and serving to make all of America be the best we can be.

The winners of the official "Miss Black USA" state pageants uses her civic platform to promote awareness of these issues during her reign.


To award scholarships to deserving young women to help further their education at institutions of higher learning;

To encourage the cultivation of excellence; through the development of education, talent, health and beauty;

To provide a showcase that promotes intelligence, cultivated talent and Community Co-operative economics;

To promote cultural healing and community outreach throughout the state of Oregon with the ideal that achieving one’s destiny must include helping all of America's people.

We endeavor to create strategic community relationships that will sustain the continuing legacy of achievement that fuels the dreams of America’s future generations.

Highlights of:
Miss Black Oregon USA 2010

Part 1

Part 2

All of the Delegates in The Miss Black Oregon USA Scholarship Pageant receives Leadership and Community Service Training.

The participants of our ‘Program’ are immersed into 8 weeks of intensive Personal Development and Skills Building. We initiate their education with an All Day interactive “Peak Performance” Self Esteem and Motivation Seminar. The Delegates are tutored in Total Theater Performance, Acting/Drama, Choreographed Dance, and voice coaching. We provide Runway, Modeling, Makeup and Etiquette classes. All of the young women attend individually videotaped “Interview Skills” workshops. All contestants are integrated into our “Co-operative Economics” model and are engaged and assisted in fundamental business sales and community fundraising. We prepare our young women for life success and service to community and Nation.


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